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Dreamland Beach is one of the beaches that is very much in demand by many tourists who visit Bali. Dreamland Beach is also known as New Kuta beach, so if you hear about Dreamland Beach tourism then New Kuta beach is the point. Dreamland Beach is famous for the beauty of its beaches so it is not uncommon for many tourists who come to visit and sit sitting on the beach while enjoying the beauty of the sea view which is filled with clean white sand surrounding the beach with waves that are high enough to make the beach area filled with surfing activities.

The high wave of Dreamland beach is able to attract the attention of many tourists who have a surfing hobby so that the beach area is never empty with visitors who want to surf or who want to enjoy the beach while waiting for the sunset.

With Dreamland Beach Tour packages with pink gorilaz, you will be invited to visit several other places that have been prepared like

Car Rental and Dreamland Bali Beach Tour

Pura Luhur Uluwatu Bali is one of the famous and foreign tourist sites located on the cliff with a height of approximately 97 meters above sea level. Because of the location of the temple that stands on a rock, this temple is given the name Uluwatu which in sangsekerta means the top of the rock. From the top of the cliff where the temple is located, you can see the very beautiful scenery and sunset view in the afternoon can look attractive without a barrier. In addition to the beautiful scenery at Uluwatu temple, it is also enlivened by the Kecak dance culture which will make the atmosphere more crowded.

Pandawa Beach
Its strategic location occupies a tourist route in the direction of South Bali with a view of the Pandawa beach which is hidden behind a hill. When you enter the pandawa beach area, you will see a lot of tourists flying by paragliding recreation, which flies from the height of Kutuh hill. The hallmark of Pandawa Beach attractions in Bali is the existence of a family puppet statue from the Pandavas which are on the limestone cliffs will welcome you before arriving at the beach Pandawa rent a car and tour to kintamani bali.

Padang – Padang Beach
padang beach – padang is one of the beaches that has a beauty that is not inferior to Kuta beach with a very beautiful view so the Padang beach – Padang is also not infrequently used as a place to make hollywod films and the Padang Padang beach also used as prewedding locations by many couples who will wedding. When you visit the Padang Padang beach you will see many local people who play to spend the afternoon by holding mats on the beach while enjoying the cool air rent a car and tour to uluwatu bali.

Dinner at Jimbaran
Before you return as the closing of the Dreamland Beach Tour package you will be invited to visit the Jimbaran area to take a break and you can try or taste the Jimbaran cuisine. Jimbaran culinary tour of Bali island is always crowded at night because the Jimbaran area has been known by many tourists as a location that has a very tasty culinary tour to eat so it is not uncommon for many tourists to make the Jimbaran area the last visit after traveling on Bali.

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