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Tanah lot is one of the tourist sites which is almost the same as Uluwatu which has the attraction of temples. If you visit or tour the lot land then you will definitely meet or see a pretty interesting temple standing on the reef. Many tourists choose lot land as a time to spend their vacation time because in addition to the place where the land is plentiful, the lot also has quite interesting natural scenery. For those of you who are on the island of Bali it is unfortunate if you do not visit this place but if you want to visit but you do not know the location of the lot land then please join pink gorilaz Bali Car Rental in Tanah Lot Tour activities. For Tanah Lot Tour activities you will go around or visit tourist attractions with travel planning that includes

Tanah Lot
As the first location we will visit with Pink Gorilaz will invite you to visit the lot land directly. On lot land you will see two temples built in different places, namely one above a rock and the other is built on a cliff that juts into the sea which looks like Uluwatu and this cliff connects the temple with the mainland. At high tide, the temple will be seen surrounded by sea water. Underneath there are small caves in which there are several sea snakes, some of which are considered sacred snakes. The location of the temple is visited by many tourists who are on vacation to take photos, walk and there are also those who relax and relax while waiting for the sunset view.

Car Rental and Tanah Lot Tour

Canggu is one of the tourist attractions that has many holiday facilities such as Echo Beach, Desa Seni Yoga, Warung Dolphin Eco Serenity, Berawa Beach, and Batu Bolong Beach. Many tourists prefer the Canggu area as a vacation location because of the many facilities that can be enjoyed there which are added to the beach area which has high waves that support surfing activities rent a car for a tour to see bali dolphin dolphins.

Jati Luwih
Talking about Bali island tourism is certainly not just a beach area because there are many other tours such as one of them is tourism in Jati Luwih. Jati Luwih is known as a tourist location with green and lush natural scenery so that when you visit Jati Luwih, you will see the natural landscape full of plants and the attraction is terraced rice terraces with an area of ​​about 636 hectares of terraced rice fields, so the area this is the largest area for terraced rice fields. In this area most of the tourists are vacationing by relaxing and enjoying food and drinks while seeing natural scenery that is very natural.

Bedugul is one of the areas on the island of Bali that has an interesting attraction to visit. In Tanah Lot Tour activities as the fourth location you will be invited to visit Bedugul. Bedugul is one of the tourist sites with the attraction of its ancient building which is commonly referred to as Ulun Danu Beratan Bedugul Temple. The attraction of this place is the location of the temple in the middle of the lake and has very cool air and very beautiful scenery and moreover in this tourist location there are many facilities that you can enjoy when you are vacationing there rent a car and tour to jatiluwih bali.

Krisna By Oleh
Before you are invited to visit the last location, you will be invited to stop by Krisna for a moment. Krisna By By Bali is one of the shopping center stores by Balinese typical that is always enlivened by tourists both domestic tourists and foreign tourists. At Krisna By By Bali you can buy various kinds of items, most of which are typical Balinese items that are suitable for taking home as a by or being a memorable moment while on a holiday in Bali. What’s more at Krisna by you does not need to spend a lot of money because there sell goods at low prices so it is unfortunate if you do not buy anything when visiting Krisna By By

As the last location after visiting Krisna By By, you will be invited to visit Seminyak Bali. Seminyak tourism offers a far different atmosphere from Kuta tourist attractions. Kuta tourism is more relaxed and casual, while in Seminyak it gives a modern, formal and luxurious impression. Just like other popular tourist attractions in Seminyak also has a beach with clean white sand and natural scenery that is perfect for relaxing relax during the holidays. In addition to the beaches in Seminyak, there are also many tourist attractions that you can visit while there.

If you are interested in participating in Tanah Lot Tour activities, please register yourself with family or friends only in pink gorilaz. For further information, please contact directly on the contact number provided.

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