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For those of you who have arrived at Pelabuahan Gilimanuk Bali Island and need cheap car rental services in Gilimanuk Bali then you can use rental services from Pink Gorilaz. with pink gorlaz services you can enjoy various kinds of transportation services with a variety of vehicles. Vehicle vehicles that are ready to be rented consist of Yamaha R 25 motorbike, Honda CB 500x, café recer, Yamaha MT 25, Yamaha MT 09 and car hi, innova, xenia, wuling, innova reborn and various types of buses of different sizes.

Gilimanuk shuttle car rental, airport transfer car rental, car rental complete with driver, car rental transportation to the hotel and car rental for Bali Island tours. For those of you who want to enjoy car rental services for tourism on the island of Bali you can rent a car complete with vacation packages so that when you arrive at the port of Gilimanuk and want to travel immediately for a holiday on Bali then you can book a vehicle rental package complete with vacation packages such as

Motor Tour vacation package
Talking about tourist attractions on the island of Bali certainly will not be endless because the island of Bali is rich in tourist attractions ranging from easily accessible to remote. The remote tourist island of Bali certainly will not lose its appeal with popular tourist attractions such as one of which is Amed Beach. Amed beach is one of the interesting tourist beaches located in the village of Amed which has an underwater beauty that is second to none so many tourists who come to Amed to snorkel and see the two undersea insata.

Cheap Car Rental at Gilimanuk Bali

Bali island zoo vacation package
Bali Island is the third island that has the largest zoo in Indonesia which has approximately 200 species of animals in it ranging from benign, savage animals to endangered animal animals. By visiting the Bali island zoo you can see the animals from a close enough distance safely and you can also participate in feeding some of the animals that are there and also you can take pictures and play with some of the animals that are there according to direction from the guide rent a car in cheap bali daily .

Wake ATV vacation package
If you have a hobby of adventure, you must try the Wake ATV vacation package because by choosing a wake atv vacation package in Pink Gorilaz you will be invited to walk around the island of Bali by driving a quad bike vehicle through track tracks full of obstacles such as rice fields, beaches, rocks, climbs and others that will boost your ardenalin.

Parasailing Adventure Bali
Parasailing Adventure is one of the popular games on the island of Bali that combines parachuting with jetski that will make you fly high above the sea with the help of parachutes and speedbots. You can see the beautiful natural scenery of Bali that you can see from the air when you fly. high. There are several spots that provide Balinese parasailing adventure games but the popular spot is Tanjung Benoa because excitement and beauty on Tanjung Benoa need not be doubted. And there are many more vacation package packages that have been provided in Pink Gorilaz that you can choose as an activity or entertainment when you are on holiday in Bali. For more detailed information, please contact the number provided with 7 x 24 hours service so that anytime you please contact.

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