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Bali Island is famous for its interesting and beautiful tourist places such as the Kuta area. Hearing the name of Kuta, most people will definitely think about beach tourism because indeed Kuta is very famous for its beautiful and interesting beach tourism. If you have a plan to vacation on Bali then don’t forget to stop at Kuta Beach because it would be a pity if you were not in Bali visiting Kuta Bali Beach. Kuta is located in the North Kuta Subdistrict, Badung Regency, precisely the South coastal area, about 12 Km from Denpasar. To visit Kuta Beach, you can take advantage of a trusted Bali car rental or vehicle transportation service. One of the rental service providers that you can use is the service of Pink Gorilaz.

Pink Gorilaz is one of the official rental companies on the island of Bali that provides the most complete transportation equipment rental services in Bali at cheap and affordable prices. For this type of vehicle that has been provided consists of several types such as motorcycles, cars and buses consisting of several brands such as motorbike Café Recer, Yamaha MT 09, Yamaha R 25, Honda Cb 500x, Yamaha MT 25 and cars Xenia, Wuling, Innova, innova reborn and hi -ace.

Whereas the vehicle type of bus has consisted of several sizes with a capacity of passengers ranging from 20 to 60 passengers. Before using a vehicle on the pink gorilaz rental vehicle, you can determine the services you want to use such as car rental plus driver, Tanjung Benoa car rental, Bali tourist car rental, car rental in Kuta Bali, car rental vacation packages, tourism bus rental, vehicle rental for tours, daily car rental and so on.

Cheapest Car Rental in Kuta Bali

One of the best services you can use is a car rental plus a driver because in addition to being safe, you will find it easier to find the area or address that you are looking for because the driver who accompanied you during the trip is a professional driver who is certainly friendly, polite and get to know clearly the area that is in Bali island rent a car in seminyak bali at low prices .

In addition to car rental services, you can also enjoy tour services with Pink Gorilaz at cheap and affordable prices. For tour activities with Pink Gorilaz, you can choose the type of vehicle you want to use complete with the tour package consisting of

Motorbike tour package
For those of you who want to enjoy your trip by relaxing and enjoying the scenery and the air during the trip, you can try the motorbike tour package, Pink Gorilaz Palace with the aim of some hidden tourist spots on the island of Bali such as Amed Beach, Hot Springs, Waterfall, Padang Bai Beach or location of the location you want to visit other rent klx in ubud bali at low prices .

Car tour package
Especially for those of you who want to tour the island of Bali with your family or children, you can use the car tour package from Pink Gorilaz, so that your trip and your children are safer and more comfortable. For tour car activities, you are free to choose the destination you want to visit such as kuta, cagu, amed, monkey forest and so on.

Bus tour package
Especially for those of you who want a fun tour with your family or friends, Pink Gorilaz provides various types of buses ranging from mini buses to large buses with passenger capacity ranging from 16 to 60 people. For more information about Bali transportation and tour services, please contact Pink Gorilaz now in the contact number that is available.

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