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Five Places You Must Visit in Bali Until You Die


Hiden Waterfall
Hidden Waterfall or Famously known as Secret Garden. Located in north Bali. One word to describe this place is AMAZING. Why is that? There are hundred of waterfalls can be found in Bali area, especially northern side. What make hidden waterfall unique is that this area consist of 5 waterfalls. In simple sentence, 5 waterfalls in one area. The beauty and uniqueness of this place is uncomparable. People coming to this waterfall, not only for taking picture or swimming. But the waterfall has some natural attractions.

First, when you arrive you can do 5 meters jump. Second, hike for around 100 meters, you can do 12 meters waterslide. Its natural and not man made. Third, after you did the slide you can swim at the lagoon and prepared for your 2 meters fun slide. Forth, the 10 meters cliff jumping is waiting for you. You will jump between two twins waterfalls. Fifth, at the very corner of the area the 15 meters cliff jumping is beautifully waiting for you.

After you did those five attraction. You can enjoy swimming at the beautiful lagoon. Relaxing while entertained by the bird song will refresh your mind and soul after some thrilling adrenaline rush. That’s not it. The 21 meters drop is waiting for you before you head back home. Should we jump? Yes if you are brave enough. However we suggest you just swim or enjoy the breeze of water and take an extraordinary picture to put on your instagram.Hiden Waterfall

Hot Spirng
The best hot spring area located under mount batur. It’s around 2 hours north east of kuta. This place is very chill. For those who love cold weather this place is a must go. Once you arrive in the area your eyes will be entertain with the beauty of mount batur and batur lakes.Batur lakes located right in front of the mountain. The lakes is beautifully surrounded by green hills. We will often find fisherman looking for fish. Therefore this area is very rich of tilapia fish. You also will see farmer planting vegetable under mount batur. When you arrive at kintamani you must drive down the steep road towards the songgan area.

You will drive at the foot of mount batur. this experience will be very interesting because the majestic mountains feel very close and great. On the north you have mount batur and in the south you have lake batur. It takes around 30 mins from kintamani to reach the hot spring. This natural hot spring is super magnificent as you can enjoy the panoramic beauty of lake batur a little bit closer. An infinity hot spring pool sitting on the edge of lake batur combined with the majestic panorama and the fresh mountain air will leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.Hot Spirng

Secret Waterfall
Secret Waterfall Bali is the island of God. God has blessed The Island with its beauty nature, culture and people. One of the newest and top things to do in Bali is the waterfall. Bali has so many waterfalls around the area. Mainly located in North Bali. However, we found some new waterfalls in east Bali. Located around 12km east of ubud. These three waterfalls are very unique and they are connected to one another. You can make a half day trekking activity to see those three waterfalls and the view of paddy and grass field are beyond compared.

One of the waterfalls has a beautiful cave where you can swim underneath of it. It also has some bath spot where people can dip in and enjoy the “Jacuzzi” experience. Yet, the most importantly is all these three waterfalls are perfect for your instagram feed. What are you waiting for, this Bali Package will be perfectly fitted in your holiday list.Secret Waterfall

Jatiluwih Tabanan Bali Village, located in the Penebel area, Tabanan Regency, Bali, which is located at an altitude of 700 meters above sea level, is an area close to Gunung Batu Karu which has panoramic views of terraced rice fields with cool air. The beauty of Jatiluwih village makes the area a tourist attraction with visitors always increasing every year.

For those of you who visit the island of Bali, try to stop at Jatiluwih and enjoy the natural beauty of the charming island of Bali. To get to the location of Jatiluwih you can join in the Jati Luwih Tour activity from Pink Gorilaz. in the Jati Luwih Tour activity you will be invited to walk the keilling bali road and stop by some of the other planned attractions which includeJatiluwih

Tirta Empul
Tirta Empul is the name of a temple located in the Tampak Siring sub-district. Tirta Empul Temple is one of the temples which is also a tourist destination for the island of Bali. In the Temple of Tirta Empul there is a clear spring that is used by people who embrace Hinduism, for bathing and begging for holy water.
With the spring at the location of Tirta Empul, the air around feels cool with the backing soothing your eyes and heart. Not infrequently when tourists visiting this place will feel free from the burden and blend with natural nuances.Tirta Empul

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