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Most tourists who have visited the Uluwatu area if they hear the name Uluwatu must have remembered the Uluwatu Temple. Uluwatu Uluwatu Temple is one of the temples that become a tourist destination when visiting the Uluwatu area because the Luhur Uluwatu Temple is located in a very interesting and suitable place to enjoy the scenery, namely on a rocky hill with a height of approximately 97 km above sea level. For those of you who have visited the Uluwatu Ancestral Temple area it will certainly not be forgotten about the scenery that you can see there.

If you are on a holiday in Bali then try to visit Uluwatu and enjoy the view from the top of the rocky hill where the Uluwatu Temple is standing. For those of you who want to try visiting Uluwatu, please join the Tour to Uluwatu with Pink Gorilaz. In Tour Activities to Uluwatu, you will be invited to walk the road or go around Bali and visit some planned places like

Rent a Car and Tour to Uluwatu Bali

As explained earlier that uluwatu has been widely known by tourists with the existence of Pura Luhur Uluwatu which stands on a rocky hill with a height of approximately 97 km above sea level. When you are on a rocky hill or exactly where the Luhur Uluwatu Temple is located, you can see the beautiful view of the Bali sea from the top of the hill. For those of you who want to enjoy the sunset view then this is a very suitable place because by being on a rocky hill you can see the sanset clearly or without a barrier. Besides enjoying the sunset view at Luhur Uluwatu Temple, you can also join in seeing or watching the performance of the Kecak dance culture that is always held there Car Rental in Bali + Driver – Including Gasoline (BBM) .

Pandawa Beach
Pandawa Beach is one of the tourist beaches located in the middle of the tour route south of the island of Bali so Pandawa Beach is always filled with visitors who are resting while participating in the tour. In addition to the beauty of the Pandawa beach which is another attraction is the location of the beach behind the limestone hills and the presence of a family puppet statue from Pandawa who will welcome you to the Pandawa beach.

Dream Land Beach
Dream Land Beach or New Kuta beach is a tourist beach that is currently the target of many tourists and is able to attract the attention of almost all tourists who are visiting the island of Bali. Soft white sand throws along the Dream Land Beach making this beach look very attractive and suitable for relaxing on the beach while enjoying snacks or drinks with a fairly high waves and supporting surfing activities.

Padang – Padang Beach
Before heading to the last location you will be invited to stop by the Padang Padang beach which has a beauty that is not inferior to New Kuta beach. If you have a hobby of watching hollywod movies you must have seen this beach because this beach has become one of the favorite places to make hollywod films. Besides the hollywod movie making place on Padang Beach – Padang is also a favorite place for photo prewedding Car Rental and Tour to Jatiluwih .

Dinner at Jimbaran
After visiting Padang – Padang Beach, you will be invited to the last location, the Jimbaran area. In the Jimbaran area you can rest with a culinary tour that is always crowded every day. In Jimbaran you can choose and enjoy various kinds of culinary ranging from Balinese specialties to popular foods in your area. For culinary tourism lovers, it will be a pity if you don’t try to taste Jimbaran cuisine.

If you are interested in participating in the Tour to Uluwatu, please register yourself with your friends or family only in Pink Gorilaz.

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