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Lovina Beach is a tourist beach that has a different view from other beaches. On Lovina Beach you will see a slightly different view, namely the attraction of dolphins in the sea of ​​Lovina. The attraction of dolphins on lovina beach is not the attraction of dolphins that are in ponds or aquariums but the attraction of dolphins that live wild in the sea but always visit lovina beach every day.

If you are interested in watching dolphin attractions in the open sea then you can join in the Tour of Dolphin Dolphins Tour with Pink Gorilaz Bali Car Rental. In the tour activity to see dolphin dolphins you will visit in accordance with the planned trip that has been made like.

Road in Lovina
To start the tour, see dolphin dolphins, before you will be invited to walk around Lovina to see the scenery or enjoy a water sport game that is directly carried out on the high seas consisting of Bouncers, rock slides, slide twisters, the swing, iceberg, torture , trampoline, jungle joe with different excitement. You can try one if there is one that interests you. For the safety of the Lovina water sport rides guaranteed safe because it is accompanied directly by professional guides rent a car and tour to jatiluwih bali.

Rent a Car for a Tour to See Bali Dolphin Dolphins

See dolphins
After walking on Lovina beach, you will be invited to visit the middle of the sea using a boat boat that has been provided at the Lovina beach location. By using a boat, you will be invited directly to the middle of the sea where the dolphins swim every day. When you arrive at the location of the dolphins, you will immediately be greeted with a jump from dozens or even hundreds of dolphins that will be delighted by the arrival of tourists. Not only do you see dolphins jumping because sometimes some dolphins that are there come near the boat area as if to greet the tourists who come to visit rent a car for bali waterfall.

After seeing dolphins, as the last location, you will be invited to visit Bedugul which is one of the tourist sites that has natural beauty that is still natural. One of the interesting and popular spots in Bedugul is Bedugul Lake Beratan and Bedugul Lake Beratan Ulun Lake which is the most beautiful tourist location on the island of Bali. Because the location of Bedugul Lake Beratan Lake which is in the middle of the lake provides beautiful and attractive scenery so that not infrequently many tourists come to enjoy a vacation while taking photos and enjoying the beauty around the lake. Pura Ulun Danau Beratan is also one of the favorite pree wedding locations many couples will make a wedding.

For those of you who want to join the Dolphin Dolphins Tour then please register yourself with your family or friends directly in Pink Gorilaz. For more information, please contact the contact number that is available.

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