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Terms and Conditions

Pink Gorilaz General Terms and Conditions
1. Payment must be made in full before the activity begins.
2. For each payment made is non-refundable or you cannot cancel the activity under any conditions.
3. 1 time Rescheduling of your activities is possible.
4. Some of our activities are adventure activities, meaning that rain and other natural conditions will be part of our activities.
5. Customers will not be allowed to take part in our tour if drunk.
6. Customers must notify us if we experience health problems
7. Any illegal goods and goods are prohibited.
8. We have the right to report the authorities if we find illegal goods or goods.
9. Customers need to be aware of and follow local rules to respect the culture of each destination visited.
10. Pink Gorilaz has the right to use only one image during the tour for any business.

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