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3. Hotspring This is another Bali Holidays Packages. The best hot spring area located under mount batur. It's around 2 hours north east of kuta. This place is very chill. For those who love cold weather this place is a must go. Once you arrive in the area your eyes will be entertain with the beauty of mount batur and batur lakes.Batur lakes located right in front of the mountain. The lakes is beautifully surrounded by green hills. We will often find fisherman looking for fish. Therefore this area is very rich of tilapia fish. You also will see farmer planting vegetable under mount batur. When you arrive at kintamani you must drive down the steep road towards the songgan area. You will drive at the foot of mount batur. this experience will be very interesting because the majestic mountains feel very close and great. On the north you have mount batur and in the south you have lake batur. It takes around 30 mins from kintamani to reach the hot spring. This natural hot spring is super magnificent as you can enjoy the panoramic beauty of lake batur a little bit closer. An infinity hot spring pool sitting on the edge of lake batur combined with the majestic panorama and the fresh mountain air will leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

4. Secret Waterfall Bali is the island of God. God has blessed The Island with its beauty nature, culture and people. One of the newest and top things to do in Bali is the waterfall. Bali has so many waterfalls around the area. Mainly located in North Bali. However, we found some new waterfalls in east Bali. Located around 12km east of ubud. These three waterfalls are very unique and they are connected to one another. You can make a half day trekking activity to see those three waterfalls and the view of paddy and grass field are beyond compared. One of the waterfalls has a beautiful cave where you can swim underneath of it. It also has some bath spot where people can dip in and enjoy the “Jacuzzi” experience. Yet, the most importantly is all these three waterfalls are perfect for your instagram feed. What are you waiting for, this Bali Package will be perfectly fitted in your holiday list.

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Kick Ass Dolphin Full Package

1 Day
*Start IDR 700.000 / pax

Instagram Tour Full Package

1 Day
*Start IDR 700.000 / pax

Hot Spring Tour Full Package

1 Day
*Start IDR 700.000 / pax

Hidden Waterfall Tour Full Packa...

1 Day
*Start IDR 700.000 / pax

Cheap Sheep 6D/5N

6 Day
IDR 5.000.000 / pax

Cheap Sheep 3D/2N

3 Day
IDR 1.500.000 / pax

Cheap Sheep 4D/3N

4 Day
IDR 2.000.000 / pax

Cheap Sheep 2D/1N

2 Day
IDR 1.000.000 / pax

Dolphin Tour

1 Day
*Start IDR 100.000 / pax

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